Flying Squirrel

In 2005, late in the evening, I got a knock on my front door.  Two park ranchers were pleading with me to see if I could save the life of  a baby flying squirrel.  When I looked into the box they handed me and saw the condition of the squirrel, I really felt there was no way I was going to be able to save him.  He was cold and lifeless.  He was about 2 inches long and had just started to get fur.  His eyes were barely open.  So, to humor the park rangers, I placed him on a heating pad to warm him up and to my amazement, he began to wiggle around and grunt.  Well we were also bottle feeding some kittens that had been abandoned in front of a church in town.  So, I went and got a bottle and kitten formula and began to feed the little guy.  He latched onto the bottle as if it was his very own mother.  I got up every hour to feed him.  It was obvious from day one that he was a male.  I learned that flying squirrels are nocturnal and indigenous to Oregon.  Something I never knew.   We named him Wilbur after Wilbur Wright.  He loves to climb all over you and dive down your shirt.  When you are holding him, he loves to sleep in the sleeve of your shirt, just below your arm pit, or in the center of your bra between your boobs as if it were a hammock, or in one of your pockets.  Wilbur loves chocolate.  You can not get away with sneaking a piece of chocolate if he is asleep on you.  He will smell it and pop his head out of the top of your shirt and wave his hands in the air to try to get a piece.  If you give him an M&M, you have to break the shell.  He will eat all of the chocolate out of the shell and throw the shell down.  He does a loud chatter noise when he is mad at you or he wants you to leave him alone.  He has a large cage with three stories in it that he lives in.  We take kleenex boxes and put a piece of flannel in it for his bed.  He also hides treats in his bed.  Wilbur loves Christmas and playing in the Christmas tree and packages.    Wilbur will eat just about anything and has been known to drink coffee out of my cup.  We have now had Wilbur for 5 years.  I read that they can live to be 15 years.  Wilbur is very nosy and will get into everything when he is not sleeping.  When I am in the school room and trying to work on jewelry, he will beg to come out of his cage.  If I put him on my beading table, he steals everything I am working on and hides them in my pockets, bra, or puts the beads in a different bead boxes than they belong in.  If I do not pay attention he will shred the ends of my string so that I can not put beads on the string.  When I am teaching school, he will steal pages from the kids and chew parts of the pages up.  He also loves to chew up pencils.  I look forward to having Wilbur with us for another 10 years.

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2 Responses to Flying Squirrel

  1. I love love love this! Wilbur is so adorable! I am so glad those park rangers knew to go to you!

  2. Joybird says:

    You don’t know how much I’d like a flying squirrel now. He sounds adorable.

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