How I got Married!!!

I do believe that no one else has a marriage story like mine.  I met Alan in Keflavik, Iceland while serving in the Navy.  I was on my third year of service and Alan was on his first year.  Alan was 18 years old when I met him and I was 22 years old.  We knew each other for 8 months before we got married.  In Iceland you have to put in 3 months of paperwork to get married.  You have to get married on the date that you request or you have to start your paper work over.  Alan and I asked to get married on Jan. 11th, 1985.  Dec. 30th, just 12 days before my wedding, I fell on ice at work and had to go to the Icelandic hospital to have all four of my quadricep tendons reattached to my knee.  I was in the Icelandic hospital for 3 days and then brought back to the military hospital.  I was informed that I would be hospitalized for the next 1 1/2 months.  So, my wedding was canceled and everyone that was going to be in the wedding canceled their leave.  The day before my wedding date, I was in my hospital room when my doctor walked in and caught me crying.  When he asked why I was crying I explained to him that I was supposed to get married the following day and “Look at me!”  I also told him that neither Alan nor I had 3 more months left in Iceland and if we did not get married on the date that we put in for, they would send me to Bethesda, Maryland to out process as a disabled vet and send Alan to Spain on a single person billet, which meant that he would live in the barracks.  If we did not get married, I would be sent to Oregon when I finally out processed and would not be able to join Alan on his single person billet.  The doctor said, “We are going to get you married tomorrow.”  He had a wheelchair built for me and arranged for a van to pick me up the following day at 12:00.  I went to put my wedding dress on and soon realized that it would not fit in my wheelchair, in fact, the way that they had to strap me in made it impossible to wear any kind of dress.  So, we started looking for a pair of pants I could wear and discovered that the only pair of pants we could find on such a short notice, that would fit over my large cast, was a pair of Alan’s sweat pants.  Alan said, “If you are going to wear sweat pants, then I am wearing a flannel shirt and hiking boots.”  Because my bride’s maid had canceled her leave, she was working on my wedding date.  So, we had to find two witnesses.  All of my girlfriends were working, so we ended up with two guy friends.  We all headed over to the police station.  Because, my wedding was canceled we now had to be married by Icelandic police at the police station.  When we arrived at the station we were all escorted into a room where we signed paper work.  When we were done filling out the paper work the officer ask a gentleman who was in the room, what relationship he was to us.  He said, “I just came here to get my drivers licence and you guys called me into this room, I don’t know these people at all.”  Well we all got a good laugh and we have a signature on our marriage paperwork from a man we don’t even know.   After the wedding, I had to be back in my room at 4:00 and they kicked Alan out at 8:00.  And I had over a month left in the hospital.  Told ya, no one else has a wedding story like mine.  And please don’t feel sorry for me, I love my wedding story!

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6 Responses to How I got Married!!!

  1. tcgfamily says:

    Show them a pic of your marriage certificate.

  2. It is definetly a memorable story:)

  3. Breal says:

    I love looking at the pictures! More please! 🙂

    P.S. You and dad still look the same (except your perm has grown out…)

  4. Debbie Thornton McDowell says:

    Brenda you havent changed a bit since Kef. Youre still the same amazing hysterically funny woman you were then, and just as beautiful as ever. I have thought of you often over the years. I can see that you’re very happy and successful. I’m thrilled for you and Alan. No one deserves it more.

    Deb Thornton

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