Bottle Raising Elk in 2011

This year we had a bout of pneumonia roll through a few of our baby elk.  Because the weather was still cold during calving season this year, a few of our babies contracted pneumonia.  We first noticed that one of our babies was very lethargic.  Alan and I started watching it carefully.   We then noticed two others acting the same way.  We went out into the field to take a look at them.  At that time we decided that we needed to get them on heavy antibiotics.  They were not able to get up and could barely hold their heads up.  When I first saw how bad off they were, I did not think that we were going to be able to save them.  We had to remove the babies from their mothers because it was apparent that we were going to have to administer antibiotic once a day and we were going to have to administer IV’s.  We had to put them on subque IV’s to keep them hydrated.  In the beginning I had to put IV’s in them at least twice a day.  We also started them on a 4 day regiment of penicillin.  I had to force feed them.  After two days of penicillin, one of the babies was starting to show signs of improvement.  After three days of penicillin another baby started to improve.  On the fifth day we decided to start another round of a different penicillin.  On the 6th day, one of the babies passed away.  The other two babies continued to show signs of improvement.  We were not able to place the babies back in with their parents as we had them on 8 days of penicillin and then they needed to be observed for several days to make sure that they did not start to go back down hill.  After that long away from their mothers we were afraid to place them back out in the field as the mothers may not take them back and they could possibly recontract pneumonia.  On of the babies is a boy and one is a girl.  The boys ear tag number is 1115 and the girls ear tag number is 1114.  Alan’s dad was here visiting and suggested that we name the girl Dah-niece and the boy Dah-nephew.  I have now been bottle raising the babies for 3 weeks and they are doing great.  When our babies are three months old, we wean them.  At that time we will place the bottle raised babies in with the babies that are being weaned.  The girl was born on the 9th of June and the boy was born on the 10th.

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6 Responses to Bottle Raising Elk in 2011

  1. Mandie says:

    oh they are soooo adorable!!! man do I miss seeing them everyday!!!!

  2. chris swingen says:

    They are so beautiful!!! I’ve never seen babies before. They are wonderful creatures.

  3. They are so cute. I am glad you were able to save two of them.

  4. mercadee says:

    My pup zeus was just diagnosed with parvo 2 days ago i didnt have the money to hospitalize him so i bought all the medicine and am doing home treatment. I give him IV’s 3 times a day and have him drinking pedilite. I started him first with just water but he was not holding it down but with the pedilite he has been holding it down and he drinks it on his own. He has still not really eating food but when he does he throws it back up. he seems to have energy sometimes he runs around, barks, growls and trys to play and he is still attentive so i think he is doing better but anything i can do to get him to eat or should i just keep him on the pedilite until he is ready to eat on his own??

    • elkfarmer says:

      First off I am not a vet and elk are way different than dogs. But I would ask a vet if you could boil bones or something and mix the broth with the pedialite. Rice also helps children and I wonder if it would help your dog. Maybe, slowly introducing the boiled rice broth and meat broth.. It is great that you are taking the time to get your dog through this.

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