Skewer was born on July 9th.  His mother is Hershey.  He has a cute little pink nose. 

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Peanut Butter

Peanut Butter is now a month old.  Here are a few pictures of her.  She loves to hide behind her mother.

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Fallow Deer 4 Days Old

We have come up with a name for our new baby.  Since, the names of the other deer are Smore, Hershey, Marshmellow and Graham Cracker.  We thought we would name the baby Peanut Butter and call her Peanut for short.  We have a friend who puts peanut butter on her smores.  Here are a few pictures of Peanut at 4 days old.

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Fallow Deer 2 Days Old

We had to put an ear tag on our fallow deer baby today.  They have to be tagged by the time they are 1 year.  But, it is easiest to do when they are very little.  They are up and running quickly and it gets harder to tag them the older they get.

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1st Fallow Deer Baby of 2011

The first fallow deer to be born at Rosse Posse Acres was born June 12th of 2011, to Graham Cracker.  She is spotted like her mother.  These pictures were taken on her birthday. 

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1st Elk Baby of 2011

Our first elk calf of 2011 was born on May 23rd.  We tagged her today on the 24th.  On the 23rd, my friend Cara was over visiting.  She said that if it was a girl calf we needed to name her Cara and if it was a boy we needed to name him Cara’s Boy.  Well it is a girl.  So, Cara it is! 

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Fallow Deer are Here

  We got our fallow deer on March 6th, 2011.  We got an older chocolate doe who should be pregnant, an older blond doe who also should be pregnant, a spotted yearling doe and a spotted yearling buck.  When they arrived, they were very unsure of their new surroundings and stayed away from us.  They have now settled in quite well and even come up to us if we go into their compound one at a time.  They weigh about 90 pounds each.  To me they look kind of like a cross between an alpaca and a goat.  The spike has very small antlers.  He will be loosing his antlers soon and will start to grow his second set.   The chocolate doe is definitely the lead deer.  We should have babies at the end of May or in June, if the females are pregnant.  Their compound has lots of grass and plenty of room to run and play.

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