Elk Babies at 2 months

The bottle babies are now 2 months old.  They are getting very cute and their personality is really starting to show.  Dah-niece is now the friendliest of the two.  Dah-nephew is very gentle and extremely curious. 

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3 Responses to Elk Babies at 2 months

  1. what is the meaning of the tags in the ears, and why does one have them, and another not have them. You have to bear with us, no elk ers, I just do dogs, and they only get a micro chip in-between the shoulders, and no one can see that, lol. M Mona

    • elkfarmer says:

      Fish and wildlife require us to have them tagged. We have to have two forms of identification on them. We tag the girls in their right ear and the boys in their left ear, that is because girls are always right.

  2. lol, thats awsome! Girls ARE always right

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